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Hello and welcome to the website for Arthur Ness and the Secret of Waterwhistle!

Let me introduce myself - I'm the Cat. (Yes, the good-looking one in the picture at the top of the page). I live in a place called Arilon where there are loads of floating islands and flying ships and a really nasty queen and Weavers and Sharp-Eyes and Needlemen and a terrible creature called the RainHand and what do you mean you can't keep up? Come on, I'm not talking that fast.

Okay, okay, fine, I'll go back to the beginning. I forget, you're only a human, after all.

Right. Slowly. So you can un-der-stand-me....

Arthur Ness and the Secret of Waterwhistle is a two-part story (though there'll be other Arthur Ness adventures to follow). Part One is out NOW. Part Two is out SOON. (Sorry about the capitals. I just enjoy randomly putting THEM IN).

To give you a flavour of the first book, let me hand over to the author, Wilf Morgan, as I think he can probably put it best - seeing as he's only a human, same as you.

Arthur Ness is a lonely, scared, young boy - evacuated from wartime London during the Blitz to live in the countryside village of Waterwhistle. There's a lot for him to get used to - the fields, the farm animals, the quiet.

But the more Arthur explores his new home, the more it becomes evident that the village's strangeness may not all be in his mind. It becomes more and more apparent that his host – the frightening Lady Eris – may be much more than she seems. Is she somehow responsible for the village’s dark silence?

Arthur has no idea what one, small, scared child can do against what appears to be such powerful magic. But then he is called on by a mysterious, feline visitor – with an offer that promises to open a world of excitement and adventure in the far off land of Arilon. Arthur finds he may just have a chance to challenge Lady Eris and save Waterwhistle from its mysterious fate after all. That is, if he can overcome his own fears…

Woah. I'm a little intrigued and spooked myself - and I know what happens!

Okay, so here are some highlights;

Just keep checking back here for when more things magically appear such as short stories and creative writing tips. You can also get direct access to all the articles by using the Blog Archive list on the right-side of the screen, there.

Alright, that's enough. What are you still doing here? Get over to the prologue and start reading. It's free you know! Yeah, thought that might do it.

Be careful out there - there are many strange things going on in Arilon and Waterwhistle. You make sure you stay safe. Oh, what am I saying? Safe is for losers. Forget safe. Follow me, instead. After all, it's not every day you meet a talking cat, is it?

Love and kisses

The Cat

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