Secret of Waterwhistle Part 2

"Well, I hate to admit it," said the Cat, "but everything's completely out of control. The Queen is on the verge of victory. Her loyal agent, Lady Eris, is poised to finally activate the Agency Engine and ensure the Queen's domination.

"And me? I'm locked up in Lady Eris' dungeons thanks to the treachery of a cranky, old pirate captain.

"The only person who can turn this around - ten-year-old Arthur Ness - is trapped in a nowhere prison that it's impossible to escape from.

"Well, Arthur, old boy, I assume you've never done anything impossible before.

"Time to start."

Read the opening chapters of Arthur Ness and the Secret of Waterwhistle Part 2.

Need catching up? You can read the opening chapters of Part 1 too.

Both books are available on Kindle from Amazon or in paperback from the Eighty8Tales Press website (

Go on, hurry up! As you can see, Arthur is in desperate need of some support...


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