Thursday, 8 August 2013

Readers' Comments on The Secret of Waterwhistle Pt 1

Hi all - it's the Cat here.

Now, like any good feline, I do like to read lots. And one of my favourite things to read about is myself. So, I thought, 'why not pass a law where people have to email me and tell me how great they think I am?'. Of course, I'll have to become President of the World for that. And that could take a few years.

So, in the meantime, I'll settle for this -

Have you read Arthur Ness and the Secret of Waterwhistle, (Part 1 or 2)? If so, post a comment below (or email and let the world know what you think of it! Was it scary? Exciting? Who were your favourite characters? (Apart from me, of course...) You can just drop us a few lines or write an entire review - go crazy!

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  1. Brilliant story!!
    It's a fantastic style of fantasy and adventure. Great for all ages and a page turner from start to finish. Bring on Part 2!!!

  2. I work at a secondary school in Nottinghamshire and I asked Wilf if he would come in and talk to around 30 year 7 students (aged 11/12) about his children's books. Wilf kindly sent me a copy of Arthur Ness and the Secret of Waterwhistle Part 1 and Part 2 so that the students would be a little familiar with the characters and story before his arrival.
    I took Arthur Ness Part 1 home over a weekend to read the first chapter and I started reading it on Friday and had finished it by Sunday! The Arthur Ness book gripped me right from the start I literally couldn't put it down, the story is very cleverly written and the characters are unforgettable. Arthur Ness took me to a place which was magical and every chapter ends on a bit of a cliffhanger making you want to read more.... I know it is supposed to be a children's book but it's the best goodfeel read I have had in years.
    The students really enjoyed Wilf's presentation and some of the students asked if they could purchase some books. After Wilfs visit I found that students who were normally reluctant readers started to show an interest in books and most of them chose to continue reading the Arthur Ness books for their daily reads!! Quote from Hollie aged 12:- 'I really like it and don't want to stop reading as I want to know what happens next.'
    A big thanks to Wilf for giving up his time to come and talk to our students it really has made a huge difference in keeping them engaged and excited in reading!

    Yours gratefully


    PS Love the drawings you gave us of the Yarnbulls, Pirate Ships, Iakob, Queen and Teresa. Roll on book 3!!

  3. Hollie, aged 12
    I am about half way through part 1 of Arthur Ness and the Secret of Waterwhistle and I love reading the book. When I read it I feel that I am actually there and am part of the story. I read the book with my dad and he loves the book too. I also read it at school but when I get home I have to reread the chapter so my dad doesn't miss out! I can't wait to find out about the Needlemen, they sound evil and scary.

    Paige, aged 11
    I enjoy reading Arthur Ness because I like Teresa as she is brave and not afraid of the Yarnbulls. Also I like Arthur as he is brave but also scared at the same time. I love the story as it is full of adventures both in the human and non human world.

    Jess, aged 12
    I really like the ideas of all the Travel Lines connecting all the different islands together I enjoyed the part of the book when Lady Eris bound all the villagers of Waterwhistle together and I also like how she can't reach out and get Arthur in the same way. My favourite part is the children's pub the Broken Crown where they don't sell alcohol, I would love to go somewhere like that it sounds really fun!

    Alex, aged 12
    Arthur Ness Part 1 is so exciting as you don't know what will happen next and the way each chapters ends makes you want to read more and more.. My favourite part has got to be when Arthur and The Cat were about to be caught by the Yarnbulls and were at a cliffs edge with nowhere to go. Then all of a sudden the Galloping Snake flew out of the darkness and saved them!

    Umer, aged 11
    I like the Arthur Ness books because it is the most amazing story and I love the talking Cat. He is very funny but sometimes can be reckless. The best part is when Teresa rescues Arthur and The Cat from the Yarnbulls and they all disappear off into Nothing Space on the Galloping Snake. This is the best book I have read and I can't wait to read Part 2.

    Megan, aged 11
    My favourite books are about adventures and I really like Arthur Ness Part 1 because it is full of adventure and you never know which way the story will twist. I really like Arthur as he starts out a bit of a scaredy cat and then becomes brave because of Teresa. My favourite part is when Arthur meets Teresa and is really happy as she calls him brave. He feels '10 feet tall' as she is his hero. I give this book 10 out of 10.