Sunday, 30 November 2014

Trust Me, I'm a Thief!

So - you have travelled with Arthur and Teresa from one end of Arilon to the other.

You've met the Cat.

You've met Lady Eris.

You have even been in the midst of one of Arilon's greatest ever naval battles.

And yet, still, you have only scratched the surface of Arilon.

There are millions of people, thousands of islands and countless stories to be told from the world of floating islands. And - as Bamboo has already told us - everything is connected. Some of these stories have a direct effect on the adventures of Arthur Ness, Teresa and the Cat.

One such story is the tale entitled, 'Trust Me, I'm a Thief!'

Three odd characters are waiting for us to join them on a short but important adventure on the isle of Terminus. They are The Professor (a strange man who is a brilliant criminal mastermind but a bit rubbish at not annoying people), Ajo (a young, Valian warrior) and Lake (a young girl who can occasionally glimpse the Threads that connect all things and can only speak in single word sentences). Together, they are the Rogue's Run Trio - the very best bunch of smugglers and thieves ever to grace the black skies of Arilon (so their leaflet says).

But the best part? Their story will be interactive. That's right, "Trust Me, I'm a Thief!" will be a branching story which you can play online for free right here at Step into the story and determine the fate of its characters!

Should the trio help the locals of a border town on Terminus or should they steal from them? Should the trio attempt to escape the chasing Royal Vessel or should they turn and fight? All up to you!

The story is set between Part 1 and Part 2 of The Secret of Waterwhistle - and the events directly influence events in Part 2. If you have never read either of the Arthur Ness books, you can still play the story as an introduction to that world. If you have read them, then you will be able to enjoy a return to Arilon and play your part in helping Arthur Ness and Teresa attempt to save Waterwhistle and all of Arilon.

Keep an eye on because, later in 2016, it will be your turn to face the Needlemen (oh, sorry, did I forget to mention there were Needlemen...?)

- Wilf

Not read the Arthur Ness books yet? Read the opening chapters free now!

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