Sunday, 21 July 2013

Lowdham Festival Wordsearch Winners

Just a quick post to congratulate the winners of the Arthur Ness wordsearch competition that took place at the Lowdham Book Festival a few weeks ago. Everyone who completed the fiendishly difficult wordsearch had their name put into a hat (well, Morrisons carrier bag) and the lucky three who were picked out at random were;

  • Tom Hunter
  • Jacob Curley
  • Annalise Machin
Each of them has won a signed copy of Arthur Ness and the Secret of Waterwhistle which those nice men and women at the Royal Mail hand-delivered to their respective houses. Well done guys!

Everyone else will get (or has already got) a text thanking them for their participation and (more importantly) giving them  a discount on the purchase of the book from the Bookcase in Lowdham before August 31st.

Don't forget, you can pop in to the Bookcase (they're very nice people!) to get a copy or order it via (£5.99) or you can download the e-book version for Kindle or any device with the Kindle Reader App installed (£1.99).

Congratulations and Thanks again to all who took part!

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